11 Luxury Italian brands which are lesser-known- but shouldn't be - Suits and Accessories

Italian fashion is very popular in the United States. Many people all over the world are familiar with names like Armani and Versace; even middle America would know these brands.

With the world's attention on all things Italian, it might seem like every brand in Italy is already well-known. But there are still some brands that you may not know about (yet). Here are 13 of the best non mainstream brands from Italy in 2021.

We have included a good mix of companies, some such as Santoni who are most known for their shoes, and others such as Kired and Kiton who are focused on all things Sartorial.

1. Barba Napoli

barba napoli brown double breasted blazer

Founded in 1988,  the men's clothing company Barba Napoli is based in Arzano, but has offices all around the world. They offer a wide range of clothing and accessories; including suits, shoes and ties.

Their style can be described as "classic with a twist".

This is a great forward-thinking fashion company, who creates classic-style sartorial suits but with a more modern fit. Originally the company focused on shirts, but over time has moved into other things such as suits and jeans. A great choice for the modern man who doesn't want to don clothes that make them look too classic or traditional.

Just like all of the companies on this list, Barba Napoli uses some of the best fabrics in the world, and the end result speaks for itself.

2. Cesare Attolini

cesare attolini brown leather jacket

This is a brand that most people in the space will know about. Known for their rich history in Sartorial fashion, effectively creating the style. Originally, Italian tailors were copying British suitmakers, but Cesare Attolini came along and changed Italian suit styling forever.

British suits are much looser and often have padding, whereas an Italian suit should be like a second skin. They are also often deconstructed, meaning that they do not have padding inside, and instead focus on the style of suit matching the body type of the wearer.

The idea originally came from Vincenzo Attolini, who realised that many people made a huge mistake when it came to suits. It was previously thought by most people that the bigger the suit, the more space, and therefore the ability to move around was much higher. This, in fact, is the opposite of the truth. The better-fitting the suit, the better your ability to move around.

CESARE ATTOLINI PANT red velvet pants

In 1990s, the Attolini brothers (sons of Vincenzo) took the brand international, starting in Germany and quickly moving into the Japanese market. This lead to an explosion, and Cesare Attolini is now one of the most famous Sartorial fashion brands in the world.


FeFè Foulard Multicolor | Italian Luxury FEFÈ Glamour Pochette

The entire production cycle of their brand takes place in Italy and in particular in Naples where tailoring is almost a reason for living, the result of a centuries-old tradition. 

In Naples, tradition mixes with modernity, innovation and the magical touch of their tailors transforms the most precious silks into soft scarves, sparkling scarves and ties. Neapolitan identity for them is synonymous with Made in Italy.

Starting from the clutch bag, which they modernised into something more suitable for a modern man, they never stopped. The traditional clutch bag for FEFÈ GLAMOUR POCHETTE although very sophisticated was originally missing something special.


This brand brought this modern twist, and their colour experiments have never stopped.

They are best known for scarves and pocket squares.

Then, given the positive response from the market, their product range expanded with scarves, ties, bow ties, scarves, bracelets, socks, backpacks… and now they are preparing to reach the United States, Japan and Russia!

4. Isaia & Isaia

ISAIA SUIT wool gray suit

A successful family enterprise that became an international business model. That is ISAIA, the Neapolitan high-end menswear firm.

ISAIA was founded in Naples in the 1920s thanks to the intuition of Enrico Isaia, the forefather of the family, who opened a fabrics store for the most renowned tailors in town. In later years, Enrico set up a small workshop next to the store, where skilled craftsmen made tailor-made men's clothing.

In 1957, Enrico and his two brothers, Rosario and Corrado, decided to move the men's clothing company to the nearby centre of Casalnuovo di Napoli, famous for its tailoring tradition.

From this base, and especially in the 1980s, Isaia became internationally recognised as one of the great Sartorial houses of Napoli, Italy.

ISAIA COAT polyester pink

The Isaia brand is another brand that tailors for the modern man.  It is known for its unique and distinct style. It is a very forward-thinking fashion brand, which sees past stereotypes, clichés, and each piece is a dynamic, contemporary classic. Perfect for those who want to distinguish their class and style beyond the norm.

5. Kiton


To some, it may seem strange to see Kiton's name on a list of lesser well-known Italian high fashion brands. Why? Because like Cesare Attolini they are amongst the very first Sartorial companies created and are therefore very well known around the world.

However, when compared to some of the bigger internationally recognised brands such as Stefano Ricci, Zilli, Tom Ford, Gucci, etc. Kiton is much less known.

Kiton is one of the original traditional tailors, alongside Attolini, and their quality is second to none. If you want to buy high-quality luxury Italian clothing, there is no tailor better.

Based in Arzano, near Napoli, they use some of the highest quality fabrics available. Vicuna, Mohair, and more.

Here is a great example of a Vicuna Tuxedo Blazer, which is one of the highest quality products that money can buy:

Kiton Brown tuxedo blazer

Kiton is the highest quality possible, and you can buy with confidence at IsuiT - Italian Sartorial Luxury.

6. Kired

An off-shoot of the Kiton company, Kired was set up in 1986.

The sartorial excellence combined with the mix of refined fabrics makes their garments modern and with a strong decisive taste. These are the values that unite the Kired world.


Essential qualities that characterize each collection and that are the source of international success.

As a much more forward-thinking brand due to the freedom given to the company from not being a direct part of Kiton, Kired experiments with modern sartorial tailoring far beyond that of Kiton.

Kired has carved out its own name in the world of Neapolitan tailoring, and is best known for creating functional coats, overcoats, and suits.

IsuiT - Italian Sartorial Luxury - is happy to announce a recent collaboration with Kired. You can find these suits and overcoats here. They were made for IsuiT and are purposefully built for the modern man.

kired navy blue virgin wool suit

7. Luigi Borrelli


Another company set up in the 1950's, Luigi Borrelli himself learnt the art of artisan tailoring from his mother. Just as much part of Sartorial history as the other, more famous brands, on this list, Borrelli's mother, Anna, set up her own small workshop in 1928. This is the very same workshop where Luigi would learn the art.

In 1957 Luigi Borrelli took this experience and opened up the House of Luigi Borrelli - Each and every Borrelli piece is created with the same amount of love and attention as the next one. This is one of the reasons people around the world love Sartorial fashion so much. This artisan art would have died out a long time ago if it wasn't for these companies continuing the strong tradition.


From 1997 onwards they expanded into creating other pieces, previously focusing mainly on shirts. All of their products are handmade and have the "made in Italy" stamp - a sign of quality across the world.

8. Santoni

santoni leather suede blue boots

Santoni is mainly known around the world for its shoes. They were formed in 1975, and the idea behind their inception was to create perfect items for those who would truly appreciate them. With this goal in mind, they have pushed forwards continuously - and they now have a 15,000 square metre workshop.

This continuous push to design the perfect shoe has led them across the world, and they are now a globally recognised brand in the luxury shoe niche. An example of the evolution of Santoni can be found in the 1990s, when they expanded from only creating formal shoes, to creating something more casual and work-friendly also.

SANTONI DRESS SHOES 100% leather brown

This brand is still completely family-owned, giving them (and most companies on this list) an edge over the larger mass manufacturing houses of the north of Italy.

9. KNT


Another off-shoot of the powerhouse Kiton, KNT stands for Kiton New Textures. It's much more a part of Kiton than Kired, with Kired being a cousin but KNT being a sister company.

It was born out of a passion for new fabrics from the third generation of the Paone family (Ciro Paone is the founder of Kiton)

A typical family affair, KNT brings a much more modern cut to the Kiton family.

It stands for luxury, but also for modern tailoring.

Much like Kiton, KNT focuses on bringing new textures and materials into their garments. They experiment with the finest of yarns to bring something truly unique to the world of men's tailoring.


All made in Italy, KNT is another great example of high quality. The tailoring process has been streamlined by KNT, in order to achieve greater versatility, practicality, and dynamism.

They are best known for their sweaters, sneakers, dress pants, and coats

10. Premiata

Born in Marche (a region of Italy) Premiata comes from a longline of shoemaking traditions. In the 1950s if you were born in Marche, you either became a farmer or you became a shoemaker. Many people lived above the factories they worked in, and as the largest industry in the region, shoemaking was and still is a vital part and lifeblood of this place.

The oldest company on this list, Premiata is reserved a special place in the history of Italian fashion. Still keeping with the traditions laid down by their forebearers, this company creates some of the highest quality sneakers and workshoes available in the world.


Although they are not handmade, they are still made in Italy, and the assurance of this mark of quality is as storng with Premiata as it is with any other brand on this list.

11. Marco Pescarolo


This house of sartorial fashion entered the ring much later than many on this list. Started in 1999 and driven by the passion of its namesake (Marco Pescarolo) and his wife Anna De Matteis, who is related to (of course) Kiton!

This background in high fashion gave them a headstart that allowed them to explode onto the scene, and with some incredibly high quality fabrics and unparalled attention to detail (for example the buttons being made from natural horn) Marco Pescarolo carved out a name for themselves amongst the greats.

The history of this company runs deep within the history of Napoli itself, as seen by the Pulcinella mask which runs through the very seams of their clothes.

MARCO PESCAROLO DRESS PANT beige virgin wool mohair

Mostly known for jeans and dress pants, this company has a bright future ahead of them, and we are proud to offer this incredible brand at IsuiT - Italian Sartorial Luxury.

12. Sartoria Tramarossa


Tramarossa was founded in 1967 by Urbano Chemello.

The character of this brand was unique from day one, intertwining tailoring studies and the passion for jeans of its founder.

The first garment was made with selvedge denim and enriched with refined details.

The main driving force behind this brand was to create something that could be worn, both for work and for less formal occasions.

This study remained confined to Urbano's warehouse, until prototypes were found in 2003 by his children Roberto, Paolo, Luigi and Luisa who, recognizing the potential of the idea, registered the Tramarossa brand.

The production and marketing of the brand begins with the second Chemello generation, today recognized for its strong product identity, positioned in the luxury jeans segment, spokesperson for the values of excellence of Made in Italy in over 70 countries around the world.

13. Sartoria Partenopea

Sartoria Partenopea orange brown tan blazer

With a passion for fabrics, needle, and thread handed down from generation to generation, from his father Angelo, the old owner of Sartoria Partenopea and formerly the commercial director of Abla fashion for men.

This company owes its  knowledge in this sector, the first steps between fine fabrics and the golden rules of a profession that is commitment, but also intuition and style. These are the fundamental principles that Mauro Blasi runs his company on.

In 2000, he joined Sartoria Partenopea, the family business founded on the experience gathered over more than three decades. He was gradually brought higher and higher up into the company, creating new European contacts, and eventually internationally.

He finally started to run the company, and now Mauro Blasi puts his own name on these Sartorial clothes. Mainly famous for blazers and suits.

Sartoria Partenopea wool blue and red suit