7 Easy tips on how to improve your style for men - How to be more stylish

So you’re saying to yourself “I want to be more stylish” but you’re not sure how to go about it?

Here’s a very quick summary of our top 10 tips for improving your stylishness:

  • Coordinate your accessories

  • Buy evergreen, not trends (if expensive)

  • Get your clothes tailored or understand “how to drop”

  • Take your time - Don’t panic purchase

  • Strip your wardrobe down to basic shades

  • Don’t only match colors, match styles also

  • Special tip from Jordan Smyth

You could also just cheat and a buy a Kiton suit, which is worth every penny.

We’ve gathered expert opinions from all over the world, and today we bring you the answer to this very important question of how to be more fashionable as a man.

  1. Coordinate your accessories

When you’re looking to mix and match your belts with different shoes, keep in mind that casual outfits require a little more creativity. If it's going to be accompanied by an outfit for the workplace or something of similar formalness then make sure they are at least close colors (i.e., black belt with dark brown shoe). However, if you're wearing sneakers, have fun experimenting! You just want them to tie together well; nothing too outrageous (no green socks)!

  1. If you’re going to fork out for expensive, make sure it’s evergreen and not just a trend

If you’re really looking to invest in a new piece, make sure that the piece will always be popular and not just a trend. For example, you can purchase a hand-made Virgin Wool suit, which will allow you to always have something of stupendous quality, and that can be used for many different situations (job interviews, weddings, and much more). If you instead bought something for the same price which is trending, and it goes out of fashion, well you’ve definitely wasted your investment.

We recommend something like A Zilli Suit

  1. Get your clothes either tailored or understand “how to drop” 

One of the most important parts of any fashionable man is the idea that their clothes fit perfectly. Different styles from around the world have a different fit, for example, British tailors often make their clothes much looser than Italian tailors. Therefore it’s incredibly important to have your suit tailored. However, obviously, this is unreasonable for every single person to be able to afford a hand-tailored suit, and therefore we recommend the next best thing: understand “how to drop”.

  1. Take your time - Don’t panic - from Lachlan Brown (The founder and editor of Hack Spirit)

Our next piece of advice comes from the wonderful Lachlan Brown over at Hack Spirit. It’s a truly great piece of advice, because many people rush into things, and then regret their purchases later:

“When you are shopping online or in a store, browse extensively and don't just buy the first thing you see: leave time to get the right outfit for yourself!”

It’s important to take your time, especially if you’re buying something which is quite expensive. We, therefore, recommend that you spend a few days browsing before you pick something up. It’s obviously much more difficult to shop for clothes online because you can’t try them on first, and therefore it’s even more important to take your time and make sure you’re picking up the right thing for you.

  1. Strip your wardrobe clean of colors - Until you feel comfortable and confident that you understand them - By (Ran-D, the co-founder at ClothedUp)

This great piece of advice comes from Ran-D; if you feel like you don’t understand colors, strip them out of your wardrobe until you do:

“Simplify your wardrobe – cut out all colors until you learn how to wear them. Stick to black, grey, and maybe dark blue, THAT'S IT!”

This is important because if you’re just wearing random colors you could be sticking out like a sore thumb, but instead, if you focus only on a few shades, you can’t go wrong. This is FANTASTIC for helping less fashionable men overcome their fashion nightmares.

  1. Don’t just match colors - Match styles as well! - (By Ran-D, Co-founder at ClothedUp)

Another piece of advice from Ran-D, this time concerning matching everything, not just colors or shades:

“Make sure your tops have the same fit as your bottoms. You don’t want to have a tight Italian shirt with loose jeans or shorts – if your shirt is slim, make sure your jeans are as well. If your jeans flare out at the bottom of your shirt (below the end of your shirt), there’s a good chance you’ve got it wrong.”

This is something that is so often done wrong by people. You can’t match an informal baggy shirt with skinny jeans, or vice versa

  1. A special word from Jordan Smyth, CEO of Gleamin 

“My top five tips for helping men be more fashionable are to invest in a decent watch, embrace color, spend money on shoes, choose versatile outerwear, and stick to classic shirts. A decent timepiece will help pull together your style. Colors are your friend and can add that needed flair to any outfit. Shoes are the foundation of a well-put-together ensemble. Outerwear should be versatile and useful for multiple occasions. Finally, classic shirts (such as Kiton) will always be in style.” 

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