This year, give the gift of thoughtfulness. No more wondering what to get that man in your life who seems to have everything. No more fruitless hours spent browsing the internet for the perfect gift. Instead, come straight to IsuiT and let us help you find the best gifts for men that they will actually appreciate! With our wide selection of unique and thoughtful gifts, you're sure to find something perfect for even the most difficult-to-shop-for man on your list.

Whether it's for a Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's day, or you're just trying to show you love them - there is no better gift than a piece of Sartorial Italian luxury!

An Italian-made Dress shirt

Simple - yet complicated. These are no simple dress shirts. Choose from one of our many Dress Shirts, and give the perfect gift this year. We have many Italian dress shirt brands, so here's a random collection of some of the best we have. We have silk shirts that have fantasy patterns on them, and are extremely colorful. We also have many white work shirts, which are a perfect present to help your man look more sophisticated.

Some Beautiful Italian Dress Shirts from all of our brands

  1. Kiton shirt
    €175.00 €365.00 52% OFF
  2. Kiton shirt
    €175.00 €365.00 52% OFF
  3. Kiton shirt
    €175.00 €365.00 52% OFF

  1. LUIGI BORRELLI White Cotton Shirt
    €85.00 €170.00 50% OFF
  2. LUIGI BORRELLI White Cotton Shirt
    €85.00 €170.00 50% OFF
  3. LUIGI BORRELLI White Cotton Shirt
    €85.00 €170.00 50% OFF

  1. Cesare Attolini Shirt
    €150.00 €200.00 25% OFF
  2. Cesare Attolini Shirt
    €150.00 €200.00 25% OFF
  3. Cesare Attolini Shirt
    €150.00 €200.00 25% OFF

An Italian-made Luxury Coat

If you really want to show your love this year, then get them something that will last a lifetime. Our Italian handmade coats are made from the best fabrics available to anyone in the world. Whether you're looking for something in the summer, or if you want a thicker coat, we've got everything you need right here at IsuiT.

As long as everything is looked after, long-term these coats will last for the rest of their lives. That is why we suggest that you get one of your special man this year!  

Some examples of our handmade Italian coats

  1. Kiton coat
    €798.00 €2,660.00 70% OFF
  2. Kiton coat
    €798.00 €1,330.00 40% OFF
  3. Kiton coat
    €798.00 €1,330.00 40% OFF

  1. Cesare Attolini overcoat
    €1,000.00 €2,000.00 50% OFF
  2. Cesare Attolini coat
    €900.00 €1,800.00 50% OFF
  3. Cesare Attolini coat
    €2,200.00 €4,400.00 50% OFF

  1. Tom Ford Light Blue Cotton Coat
  2. Tom Ford Black Cotton Ea Coat Velvet
  3. Tom Ford Green Cotton Ea Coat

An exceptional pair of Italian Jeans

Everyone needs a pair of good jeans - but Italian jeans are at the next level. Made only from the highest quality cotton denim, and other materials also, Kiton jeans, Marco Pescarolo, and much more!  Our prices are the best available in the world, and we are very proud to be working with these brands. These denim brands will look amazing on your special guy - and we know that he'll love them as much as we do. We have a huge range of jeans, from slim to boot cut, there's something for everyone. Take a look at our full list of Italian jeans, or just have a browse of some of our specially chosen jeans, just for you!

Some examples of presents for him Italian handmade jeans

  1. Kiton jeans UPNJS
    €315.00 €530.00 41% OFF
  2. Kiton jeans UPNJS
    €735.00 €1,050.00 30% OFF
  3. Kiton Jeans Special and Rare Edition
    €840.00 €1,200.00 30% OFF

  1. Cesare Attolini jeans
    €168.00 €240.00 30% OFF
  2. Cesare Attolini jeans
    €168.00 €240.00 30% OFF
  3. Cesare Attolini jeans
    €168.00 €240.00 30% OFF

  1. Diesel jeans SLEENKER-X L.30
    €157.50 €225.00 30% OFF
  2. Diesel jeans SLEENKER-X L.30
    €90.30 €129.00 30% OFF

An exceptional handmade Italian Overcoat

If you want to keep your father, son, husband, or boyfriend something extra special, then definitely consider getting them a thick and warm overcoat. These Italian Overcoats are made of the highest quality fabrics, and are guaranteed to keep your special guy extremely hot during cold winters. 

Sartorial excellence can never be underestimated, and if your partner is a fan of this kind of thing - then it is guaranteed that they will enjoy this gift when they open it up. Even if they don't know anything about fashion, then you can always push them in the right direction with one of these fantastic Italian masterpieces:

Some examples of handmade Italian Overcoats as a gift for him

  1. Kiton overcoat
  2. Kiton overcoat
  3. Kiton overcoat

  1. KNT Kiton overcoat
  2. KNT Kiton Overcoat ECSTASY
  3. KNT Kiton Gray Red Cashmere Pa Overcoat

  1. CESARE ATTOLINI Blue Wool Cotton Overcoat
    €1,500.00 €3,000.00 50% OFF
  2. CESARE ATTOLINI Brown Vicuna Perù Overcoat
    €10,100.00 €20,200.00 50% OFF
  3. CESARE ATTOLINI Gray Vicuna Perù Overcoat
    €10,100.00 €20,200.00 50% OFF

An Italian Polo Shirt For Him

Potentially one of the best birthday presents ever - especially if your partner is someone who sweats a lot. Get them a beautiful summer polo shirt from Italy. These Italian Polo Shirts are made from the highest quality fabrics available in the world, and will leave them feeling physically and mentally cooler. 

We know how hard it is sometimes to find a stylish man, so why don't you start doing the styling for them today, with IsuiT - Italian luxury.

The Best Italian Polo Shirts For Him, Birthdays, Christmas, and more!

  1. Kired Polo
    €100.00 €125.00 20% OFF
  2. Kired Polo
    €100.00 €125.00 20% OFF
  3. KIRED Black Cotton Polo

  1. Kiton Polo
    €384.00 €480.00 20% OFF
  2. Kiton Polo
    €384.00 €480.00 20% OFF
  3. Kiton Polo
    €384.00 €480.00 20% OFF

An Italian-made Pocket Square

A much cheaper alternative to some of the other gift ideas for men on this list, Our collection of Pocket Squares will give your man the exact amount of