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With the largest sale of the year just round the corner - we have decided to make a full list of the best sales and deals you can get from IsuiT in 2021. 

Everything on our website is 15% off - meaning you can make some massive sales. 

If you’re looking to add a new piece of sartorial fashion to your collection, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article we’ll talk about everything from suits to shirts, where you can make savings of 15%, which if you're buying an expensive vicuna suit, could be savings of over $1500.

Sartorial Blazer & Suits - Handmade in Italy - 15% off Black Friday sale

Our first example is this beautiful burgundy smoking jacket - which makes for a great saving. Originally priced at €7950 - With our incredible Black Friday savings, you can pick it up for €6750. That’s a huge saving!

This Vicuna piece is something truly unique - which you will not find anywhere else - except on IsuiT - Italian Sartorial Luxury.

Another great example is this Isaia suit. At an original price of just under $1500, with our fantastic discount you can pick yourself up a wonderful grey suit for under $1300. 

This grey suit is versatile. It can be worn in a good amount of situations, and its composition (100% wool) makes it perfect for the winter, but also for colder climates during the summer. 

This final example of a suit or blazer is a Kired 100% Cashmere blazer - made in collaboration with IsuiT. 

This blazer makes a fantastic piece of clothing for a black tie event. 

It’s a great piece for those who don’t want to wear black - but also don’t want to break any normal conventions for a formal event. Not only this, but these suits are built specifically for “the modern man.”

This is because they have certain properties which make them preferable to a working man - who also has to deal with responsibilities, and also knows how to enjoy himself.

With a normal price of $1000, they will be just $850 with the Black Friday discount… Now that’s what we call a bargain!

Luxury Designer Sunglasses Black Friday sale

We’ve been working hard recently to get all of the new stock on our website before Black Friday starts, and we’re happy to announce our amazing collection of Kiton and Zilli sunglasses have landed just in time!

The first sunglasses you can see come in a box, and are from Zilli. With a normal price of $1800 - they will be only $1530 with our Black Friday deal - you’ve never seen prices like this before.

The second pair are from Kiton and are perfect for business and sport - or for just going for lunch and looking your best. FREE Hardcover protective case with every pair of Kiton sunglasses, to help keep them safe from bumps and scratches. 

Luxury Designer Sweaters, turtlenecks and crewnecks, Amazing Black Friday on Italian clothes

If you’re looking to add a new sweater to your wardrobe - then you definitely want to check out our collection of beautifully-made Italian sweaters. 

Paul&Shark is a fantastic example of a brand which isn’t quite as expensive as something like Kiton - but still has a very high level of quality. Paul&Shark sweaters are the epitome of chic. 

This particular example is made from wool, Nylon, & Viscose. It’s a very classic knitwear style - with a very simple yet sophisticated look, and the classic Paul&Shark label on the arm. 

With an original price of $300, you can nab this thing of beauty for a great price of only $255. IsuiT’s Black Friday sale will blow you out of the water.

This other example here is a Barba Napoli sweater - in the classic off-white style with classic knitwear patterns. Whoever buys this jumper will have at least one person jealous (me).

Barba Napoli is already extremely fairly priced, with the discount, you can expect to only pay $240 for a luxury Italian sweater, handmade in Italy, that will last you a lifetime.

Invest today in our Black Friday sale and see the difference between normal clothes, and Sartorial clothes.

A high-quality Crocodile or Suede leather belt - up to $300 off!!

A belt will complete any man's outfit.

Our first selection is Stefano Ricci’s Colored Crocodile skin belt. 

A bright shade of orange may be a put off for some people, but for others it is the ultimate style piece, which, when worn correctly, will transform you into a billionaire (at least you’ll look and feel like one)l   

Don’t forget to match your belt and shoes together, for a truly refined look. 

With a saving of over $300 - (from $2500 to $2200) - this unique piece will keep you looking sharp and different.

A much more subtle option - this Kiton belt is a beautiful suede leather belt. An amazing example of “made in Italy” - where the main school of thought is “less is more.” 

This simplified elegance comes out in everything - from their love of black espresso (and rarely anything else) - to their use of onions in a dish (about ¼ of an onion is about the average) - where other countries in the west try their best to put everything on the same plate - the Italians do it more simply.

This belt, as well as these companies and the sartorial style in general, focus on the less is more philosophy - and a belt like this for under $500 sounds like a great price to me.

A casual jacket - Italian Sartorial Luxury at literally insane prices - IsuiT Black Friday mega sale

Don’t get too caught up in looking too formal, sometimes you just need to put on a sport’s jacket and live your life. 

A casual jacket is the difference between being stylish and being perfect. A well-rounded outfit can be perfectly topped with a casual jacket. 

And these jackets in particular can be worn in basically any situation you choose - formal or casual. 

Here’s a great example from one of our newest designers, hand-selected by our stylists, Brunello Cucinelli. With a whopping $400 off - this is a deal that you’re not going to want to miss. 

Another great example is this lambskin leather coat from Kiton.

Save up to $500 with IsuiT’s huge sale - that will blow any other Black Friday deals away. Why? Because IsuiT already has the most competitive prices available online. 

Italian Sartorial luxury is not something every store is able to provide - often offering products which do not and will not ever have the same quality as these companies. 

We are proud to offer these fashion powerhouses - and with our Black Friday sale you can get a full tailored look, for a fraction of the price.

A pair of Luxury handmade Italian sneakers - Up to $100 off

Kiton Sneakers are a growing trend - especially in Italy - they are exploding across the small towns and cities. This is because of their fine quality, and also because they make a perfect companion for a man who wants to look his best in all situations.

We love to recommend handmade luxury Italian sneakers - if you’re trying to choose a pair but can’t quite make your mind up - check out our article on how to choose a pair of designer sneakers.

Another fine example of Italian craftsmanship - these leather sneakers from Barba Napoli are off-white, with brown laces and heels. This gives a refined look of sophistication - and will allow you to parade in style in comfort.

Barba Napoli is a growing name in the world of Sartorial fashion - and Barba Napoli sneakers are just another reason to love this brand.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic brand - at a fantastic price. 

The final Italian sneaker brand featured here are Premiata. A great company who has a rich history of making sneakers that are perfect for a number of different things. Not least of which being their ability to be worn as part of the suit and sneakers look.

With a huge range of products and with savings of up to $30 - You do not want to miss out this Premiata Black Friday sale. 

Truly Luxurious Handmade Italian Jeans - With up to $50 off! Black Friday with IsuiT

This is a fantastic example of something you very rarely see - Italian handcrafted jeans from one of the best Sartorial companies in the world… for under $200.

With our Black Friday discount - you can pick up some of the best luxury jeans in the world for just under $200. This is an incredible offer, which will not be repeated for a very long time.

We have literally thousands of pairs of Kiton Jeans - and our sale is the best time to pick them up. Get $50 off this fantastic brand today - only with IsuiT, Italian Luxury.

If you want to see more examples of handmade Italian jeans - or if you’re having a hard time choosing - take a read of our guide on how to choose a pair of Italian designer jeans.

You will not see another collection like our jeans collection if you lived for one thousand years - so prepare yourselves for black friday and get yourself an incredible deal!

Last, and definitely not least, is Diesel. Our Diesel collection is extensive - and with 15% off LITERALLY EVERYTHING - It’s a win-win situation. Find yourself a pair of Diesel Jeans which suit you perfectly today.

Diesel Jeans are famous across the world for their quality, and their style. This allows you to wear something sylish but also not too expensive. Especially when you take into account the 15% discount.

With an original price of $110 - and a discounted price of $90 - You can pick yourself up a pair of luxury fashion jeans from Italy for under $100.

Dark Dress Shoes - Sartorial - Black Friday deal 15% off everything

 If you want to look professional, every man should own a pair of black or brown leather dress shoes. You can go for a more outlandish colour if you want, but we definitely recommend having at least one pair of dark dress shoes, for certain events such as an opera or a funeral.

The classic dress shirt - many different styles - Zilli and Kiton and more - Also silk shirts - 15% off!!

A good dress shirt will look nice with a suit or blazer. If you don’t know how to choose a dress shirt - check out our guide here

This is an example of an essential white dress shirt, perfect to wear with a suit, from Sartorio Napoli. Their collection of shirts are truly fantastic.

It is absolutely essential that you have at least one white dress shirt - this will be your staple, and you will wear it for most formal situations. Aside from that, you can pick a more casual style of a dress shirt with multicoloured fabrics to stand out when you want to. 

Here’s a great example of a Kiton shirt with a bit more spice: