Vincenzo Attolini in late 1930 is the genius behind the new Neapolitan style. 

Right now if you wear jackets with these characteristics you need to thank him too.

In fact, to the brilliant tailor, we can give the ownership of a new idea of blazer different from the English one. He wants to create a lighter, soft, and comfortable blazer jacket like a shirt: he removed the shoulder pads, the lining an all the rigidity of the formal jacket to create a destructured men blazer.


The brand is now famous all around the world but the Cesare Attolini tailoring is loyal to the ancient tradition. Every year they produce only a few pieces but in very unique colors and texture and all of this are made by hand.

To create a Cesare Attolini suit it takes 25 to 30 hours and each tailor has a role in the process.

The brand is also known for his “Oscar” for the creation of various outfit for Jep Gambardella in the movie “ The great beauty” like the white suit and the red blazer and also in tv with the outfit of John Malkovich aka John Brannox in the series “The New Pope” by Sorrentino. Here we can see how the brand can create a glorious outfit with also great accessories like ties, gloves, hats, and foulard.

the great beauty

the new pope

Other famous names connected to the brand were Totò, Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio Emanuele III, and the Duke of Windsor.

His motto still now is "Imperfect clothes for imperfect bodies” but we think that who has a Cesare Attolini blazer or suit in his closet has "The Perfect One".