There are many questions that the fashion system is asking after the situation of the last few months and as we know, fashion is always in step with events in the world. 

 Many companies have begun to wonder how to rise after this upsetting moment and what could be the main element and "accessory" to have in the coming months. Due to the fact that the masks will become an integral part of our daily life, the choice was easy and the companies have decided to help the society and their buyers by producing masks. 

 The masks, that were already a key element of some street style brands, especially in China and Japan, are ready to make their debut today on the italian and european scene.

In fact, many companies are taking them into production enriching them with logos, personalizations and prints so as to make an almost undesired object an accessory with style to show off.

Discover the special washable and reusable masks created by the Fefè brand: