One of the most frequently asked questions before buying any male suit online is:

How to know my perfect size?

In this post we decided to help those who have difficulty buying  on e-commerce a men's suit  because they can't understand their size.

To find out the correct size of the suit jacket, measuring the chest is the most important thing. Place the tape measure around the widest area of the chest. We measure the waist, approximately 3 fingers wide, under the navel. 

Here you can learn more about the specificity of suit jackets, blazers and Coats.

For your suit pants to determine the length of the leg, it is important to measure (or have measured) the inside of the leg. The highest point of the inside of the leg is measured up to the point where the heel touches the ground. 

Make sure that you are not wearing shoes while you are measuring, and that the legs are slightly spread out. 

In some cases, you can not just pick your suit “off the shelf” because your upper body might taller than the average or you have particularly long legs. 

In such cases, you need to pick the suit jacket and the suit pants in different sizes. Some brands offer such flexibility, others not. 

You are of course always 100% safe in case you purchase a tailor-made suit..