How much is a good Tailored Italian Suit - The REAL Price of a Sartorial Suit & Blazer

Italian suits are the epitome of class and sophistication. It is no surprise that they come at a steep cost, but what does it really take to get one - how much does an Italian suit really cost?

In this article we will be talking about handmade, sartorial style suits from Neapolitan and Italian tailors. The price of an Italian suit depends on two things - the brand and the fabric.

For example, there are several fabrics such as Vicuña which will drive up significantly. On the cheap end of suits - we have a full suit for around $400. From this price point we have a stop off at around $1,000. Finally, we have the expensive Italian suit brands, which cost a minimum of $1500 depending on fabric type

Cheaper Italian Suit Brands

The word cheap definitely doesn't really feel right - but for lack of a better word, IsuiT has a huge range of suits that are on the cheaper side. These brands are:

Luigi Borrelli Suits

In the example below, we can see a 100% virgin wool multicoloured suit for around $450.

This will be around $400 when our Black Friday sale hits.

Their full suits are very fairly priced - considering each one is hand-tailored by a specialist.

As you can see from the picture, however, the quality is very high. Not only is the fabric high-quality, but the construction of the suit itself is also.

Pick yourself up a Luigi Borrelli Suit today!

Fefè Glamour Pochette

A less well-known brand in terms of Sartorial fashion - but by no means less quality - This brand has been fighting for their spot among the best of the best.

The Fefè Glamour Pochette blazer is a brown-red-coloured wool jacket with a classic fit. It is made in Italy and has a 60/40 blended composition of wool to polyester.

It has a stylish classic design, which makes it perfect for work or formal events. It features six front storage pockets, 2 side vents and functional button closures at the front for convenience when sitting down.

Give Fefè a try - if you're looking for an affordable brand.

Barba Napoli Suits

The final brand in our cheaper tier is Barba Napoli. A staple of the Sartorial classics - Barba Napoli is a powerhouse in Neapolitan tailoring.

This Barba Napoli Suit is a 100% Virgin Wool Sartorial Style 3 Button Suit that features a classic fit. It has textured stripes and has a cost of just under $500.

A perfect of any wholesome gentleman's wardrobe, the Barba Napoli suit is effortlessly coupled with class and style. The jacket of this suit comes half lined and is 100% handmade in Italy.

Mid-price Sartorial Blazers and Suits from Italy

Not everyone is looking for the cheapest possible option. Some people are willing to pay a little bit more - and receive something in return that is totally worth the money. This is the $500-$999 price range - and oh boy! There are some great suits in this list.

The brands in the mid-tier are:

Sartoria Partenopea

If you've learnt anything from this article you've learnt that the word Sartorial normally is synonymous with high-quality handmade Italian fashion. Sartoria Partenopea Suits are no different. With an average price of around $700 - these suits are not cheap.

Sartoria Partenopea specializes in classic fit Neapolitan style suits. Made from 100% Italian cotton, this suit is beautifully made and has a traditional 2 button closure styling. Made with quality fabrics that are durable but comfortable to move in, these suits are perfect for business attire all year round!

Sartorio Napoli Suits

This sister company of industry giant Kiton - Sartorio Napoli often uses the same fabrics as Kiton. Although the quality isn't quite at the same level - Sartorio Napoli is an exceedingly good choice for someone who wants to buy a suit, without breaking the bank.

With prices ranging from $500- $1000 - these suits slot perfectly into our mid-tier, and IsuiT is proud to offer Sartorio Napoli Suits at the best possible prices available online.

The quality is instantly obvious from the photos - This double-breasted suit is a fantastic example of their quality.

The look of this classic-cut sartorial blazer is sharp yet simple, with six buttons on the front; and with full lining and no venting. Although subtle looking - it features two buttons at each cuff for venting which can be adjusted to meet one's personal taste or climate needs.

The most expensive Italian tailored suit brands

If you want to dress like a billionaire - you're going to want to buy one of these brands. Reserved mainly for the most successful people in business, these brands cost more than some people's cars. The brands we'll talk about are:

Zilli Tailored Suits

Zilli is an incredibly famous company in the world of sartorial fashion.

IsuiT works closely with this luxurious fashion brand in order to bring you the best pieces from around the world for the best possible price available on the internet.

We are able to do this because we have built personal relationships with the largest and best-quality suit making companies in the world - and this gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to purcashing.

With an average market price of $7,000 - and an average IsuiT price of $5,000 - Zilli is amongst the most expensive suit makers in the world.

This particular Zilli suit is a beautiful example of a 100% wool suit that has been impeccably made. The stitching is perfect, the lines are clean - and it's an incredibly good choice for anyone looking to buy their first suit in this price category.

We think our customers deserve nothing but the best when they shop with us so we have more Zilli Suits coming in stock soon.

Kiton Handmade Tailored Suits

Kiton is a household name in the world of fashion. With seats at all of the major fashion shows - this company is probably the most famous Sartorial fashion brand in the world. Started by Ciro Paone, this brand has slowly taken over the world.

Kiton's founder once famously said "I have never compromised on Quality" - and this shines through with every single one of Kiton's suits and blazers.

The quality is second to none - as you can see in this impeccably fine example of a Kiton Suit:

This particular Kiton suit is blue & gray, with 95% cashere and 5% Vicuna.

This Kiton suit is an excellent example of the high-quality luxury you should expect when buying a kiton.

With prices ranging between $12,000 - $15,100 this fantastic blue and grey kiton Suit costs more than some people's yearly salary.

Brioni Handmade Suits

There is a huge discussion between Sartorial aficionados as to whether Roman tailors or Neapolitan tailors are better. We would side with the Neapolitan tailors (as we are based in Arzano, on the outskirts of Napoli) - but we also very much respect the Roman tailors for their years of dedication and hard work.

In fact, Brioni was founded before most of the companies on this list - and so the Sartorial style could be argued to have been born in Rome - although Cesare Attolini and Kiton will definitely have a few things to say about that!

This Brioni suit is a beautiful example of the tailoring that comes out of Rome. This particular Suit has been crafted using 100% wool, and features hand-stitched buttonholes and pockets; making each single item totally unique. The wool is not just wool, but 150s, which is thinner but also higher-quality than normal wool. With a plaids & checks style, full lining, and double venting, this suit is the ultimate traditional sartorial piece.

Cesare Attolini Handmade Suits

Cesare Attolini is considered to be the founding company of Sartorial style. Its founder - Vincenzo Attolini - is often credited with taking the British style of suits - and refining them.

The main difference between Sartorial and British cut suits is the fact that the Italian ones are supposed to be a second skin, whereas British and American cut suits are much larger - and are normally used to hide your body shape, instead of enhancing it.

This Cesare Attolini suit should be the first choice on your list, if you're looking to add an expensive suit to your collection. This handsome 100% wool 110's suit is perfect for any occasion. If you want to make a statement with your wardrobe - this is the suit for you!

The quality of this suit cannot be overstated: from its hand-stitched buttonholes and pockets, to its full lining and double venting, there are no shortcuts taken when it comes to crafting these suits. Every single detail has been meticulously designed by Vincenzo Attolini's original vision in order to create a "second skin" style Suit - which accentuates each person's unique shape.

Kired Handmade Suits

Kired is another sister company of Kiton - but IsuiT is pleased to announce a recent collaboration with this fashion house - where they made some high-quality Sartorial-style suits.

We are happy and proud to say that we sell this collection of modern suits - made for the modern man.

They are available in all of the classic suit and blazer colours, and make for a great (and not overly expensive) central fashion piece to any wardrobe.

The suits are packable, meaning they can be packed inside themselves. Also the trousers are elasticated, making them more comfortable. This is a perfect combination, making them perfect for a modern man who needs to do both business and pleasure in style. They are made from a variety of materials, so there's something for everyone.

Wondering what else Italians need except a suit to complete their wardrobe?

Check out the full collection of Kired suits here.

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