If you're wanting to buy a pair of designer jeans, but you're not sure what style or color to go for, then look no further than our complete guide to choosing a pair of men's jeans. This blog post will give you the information that you need in order to make an informed decision about your purchase. We'll also address some frequently asked questions like "what kind of jeans look best on guys?" and "how tight should my new designer jeans be at the waist?"

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Luxury Designer Jeans for Men: What to Look For When Buying

Most of these questions are a personal choice, but one thing is for sure, it's important to ask yourself these questions before you buy:

  • Fade and wash of jeans are important.

  • How tight should my jeans be and How do you know if your hips and waist match?

  • What are and Where can I find the trendiest styles?

  • What style of jeans is in now?

  • Where can you buy the most expensive designer labels?

  • Cut off or ripped jeans.

What does the Fade and Wash of jeans mean - and which is best for me?

If you're looking for a pair of designer jeans, it's important to think about the fade and wash of jeans. Just like with clothes and shoes, different fades and washes will look better with different outfits. The fade of jeans means how much lighter the color of jeans is at the bottom compared to where it starts. You'll want a faded look that goes along with your style and personal preferences. For example, if you work in an office setting, then faded black or gray jeans might go well with dress shirts and blazers. The wash of the jeans means the same thing as the fade, and it's a personal preference thing. Faded or washed jeans look like they've already been worn, even if they haven't.

How tight should my jeans be and How do you know if your hips and waist match?

It's important to know if your hips and waist match, so you don't buy a pair of jeans that will either be too tight or too loose. For the best fit, wear your old jeans and then measure the distance between your old seams and take that measurement and find a size for your new jeans based on that. If the waist of the jeans is smaller than what you're used to wearing, we suggest going up a size because it'll stretch out with wear.

With handmade designer jeans, this process is slightly more complicated, especially if you're buying online. The main problem is that a size 34 Levis is different from a size 34 Kiton or Zilli, for example. This causes large problems for people who are buying handmade jeans online.

Thankfully, if your new jeans don't fit you, you can return them to IsuiT.

What are the latest denim jeans trends?

Jeans are always changing, right? And just when you think you've bought your dream pair, the next season rolls around with an entirely new look. That's why we're here to help! So whether you're looking for a straight hug that slims your figure or a curved leg that elongates and accentuates your earthly curves, a little insider knowledge can go a long way. We'll show you what to look for in jeans so they don't wear out too quickly or have too much stretch -- and which ones will never go out of style.

Straight-leg jeans:

Also called "stovepipe" jeans, these were popularized by none other than Steve McQueen! And while they are slimming, it's important to make sure that the leg isn't too tight. Otherwise they will become uncomfortable and you'll avoid wearing them.

Loose-fit or curvy jeans

These kinds of jeans hug your body in all the right places--just be careful about not going too big if you're looking for comfort.

Fitted jeans

This is the new style on the block, and it's taking everything by storm! These kinds of jeans are slimming, flattering, yet comfortable -- what more can you ask for?

Cut off or ripped jeans:

We've seen this everywhere from Kiton to Barba Napoli. What do you think?

Ripped jeans are simple and understated, which is why they're so popular. But if you want to play it up a bit more then ripped jeans can be combined with tee shirts or top that highlight the rips.

Cut offs, on the other hand, are perfect for showing off your ankles (and perhaps your legs!). If you're looking to buy cut off jeans, then make sure they are just above the ankle. This will allow them to fit well and not be too short for comfort.

What style of jeans is in for fall 2021?

Mark my words: You'll see the most of these boot-cut jeans in 2021. While wide flares may appear old-fashioned and costumey, today's slender boot-cut jeans are right on-trend. They're really sleek and go well with high boots, so there's a lot to like about them.

Another interesting trend is flares and dungarees, which are both throwbacks to the 1980s also.

What style of jeans is falling out of fashion?

If you want to be behind the times, you can buy some skinny jeans. Due to lockdown, people started preferring comfort over style, and thus the resurgence of flares, boot-cut jeans, and dungarees. Skinny jeans are falling out of fashion, and the comfy, regular-fit jeans are back! However, if you like skinny jeans, they will always have a place on the jeans spectrum.

Best designer jeans for men - IsuiT staff pick

We asked our lead designer - Claudia Merenda - which brand is currently the best for fall/winter 2021 and spring/summer 2022. She, without hesitating, gave us her answer: Kiton.

Normally a brand associated with suits and blazers, Kiton started making jeans and we received a huge amount of stock of these beautiful jeans.

Where can you buy the most expensive designer Jeans labels?

IsuiT has some of the best prices imaginable - we have a huge selection of beautifully made, handmade, Italian high-fashion jeans.

Our main jean brands are:

How tight should my jeans be around the waist?

As with most things, the answer is: it depends. If you're looking for something that's comfortable but still looks nice then stick to a slim fit around the waist. Otherwise if you want your jeans to be tight and accentuate all of your curves, go for an even tighter fit!

Generally, you shouldn't need to wear a belt, although there's no problem if you do of course. Generally speaking, a belt should be an accessory, not a necessity. Although we definitely recommend a belt for the statement, your jeans shouldn't require one.

What material are jeans made of?

Luxury jeans are often made from a variety of different materials. The most common material is Denim. The raw material that denim comes from is cotton. However, specifically high-quality handmade jeans are made from different materials, including: 

  • Denim/Cotton
  • Linen
  • Denim
  • EA
  • PL
  • Cly
  • Wool
  • Cashmere

Is denim 100% cotton?

In order to make denim from cotton, you need 100% cotton. This is a great way to tell if jeans are high-quality or low-quality. If you can see on the label that they are 100% cotton, you know that they are very high quality, like Kiton and the other brands on our list of top Italian designer jean brands 

  1. Kiton Napoli Luxury Denim Jeans

    Kiton Jeans


Kiton is known for its handmade suits, bespoke shoes, and simply fantastic blazers. Their more modern runs of jeans are a relatively new addition to their collection, but no less beautiful or fantastic. 

As you can see they have a classic style of jeans, but they also have a fantastic range of different colored jeans. If you’re wondering where to buy Kiton Jeans, You can browse our full collection of Kiton jeans here. We are currently running a Kiton jeans sale, which includes all different colors and styles.

  1. Zilli Jeans Men

Our selection of Zilli jeans si not as extensive as, for example, our collection of Kiton. However, the Italian powerhouse will not disappoint. Their jeans are normally slim fit, incredibly well-made, and perfect for those looking for a pair of designer Italian jeans.

Zilli Designer Jeans

  1. Marco Pescarolo Luxury Jeans

Marco Pescarolo Designer Jeans

Marco Pescarolo is the husband of Ciro Paone’s niece (The founder of Kiton) - This connection, although important, doesn’t mean that the jeans they produce are the same. Or even similar. 

Marco Pescarolo is a master creator of jeans - and this specialization allows them to produce a product that is modern and new. They also have a fantastic range of dress pants, created from linen. 

You can shop our full collection of Marco Pescarolo here

  1. Sartoria Tramarossa Jeans

Sartoria Tramarossa Designer Jeans

Tramarossa was founded in 1967 by Urbano Chemello. The character of the brand is unique from day one, intertwining the tailoring studies and the passion for jeans of its founder. The first garment was made with selvedge denim and enriched with refined details. A completely unprecedented cure up to then for a trouser that was coming out of his business suit boundary in those years. 

The Tramarossa jeans are born from the selection of increasingly sophisticated fabrics (Egyptian cotton, denim with cashmere, Japanese selvedges, innovative hi-tech fibers),

  1. Stefano Men’s designer Jeans 

Stefano Ricci Designer Jeans crocodile

You are probably familiar with the name Stefano Ricci, and if so you will know that they are obsessed with quality. Their jeans feature a variety of different label materials and come with a way of checking whether the jeans are authentic or not. They have crocodile leather labels, marble labels, and despite the high price are incredibly popular around the world. Stefano Ricci was one of the first brands to break into the Chinese market, and people called them crazy. 

Their jeans are all handmade and are of exceptional quality. You can find our full collection of Stefano Ricci jeans available for purchase here.

  1. Jacob Cohen Jeans for men

Jacob Cohen Designer Jeans


The Jacob Cohën brand was born in 1985 from an intuition of Tato Bardelle and immediately established itself in the sector as a luxury denim. But it is in 2003, thanks to the genius and creative talent of Tato's son, Nicola Bardelle, that Jacob Cohën enters boutiques around the world alongside top brands.


The strengths of the brand are its inimitable characteristics: comfort and high quality of fabrics on the one hand, exclusivity and elegance on the other. The vision behind the Jacob Cohën garments is to create a product suitable even for the most formal moments, creating a men's jeans with a skinny fit that can finally be worn with a blazer. The jeans stand out for their tailored constructions and for the perfect fit, the use of fine fabrics and the enrichment with precious details, which have always been a hallmark of the brand. Their jeans are now a global brand - And we are proud to offer them at IsuiT,


  1. Barba Napoli Jeans for men

Barba Napoli Designer Jeans

Barba is a lifestyle inspired by the ancient Neapolitan tailoring art. Synonymous with excellence, refinement and elegance, the main activity of the company has always been the hand-sewn shirt, which represents a passion for the Barba family. Over the years, other products have been added to the shirt to become a total look production company for men and women. 

The current production company was founded in 1988 in a small headquarters, today the new and modern structure, located in the industrial area of Arzano, in the province of Naples, covers an area of 6,000 square meters, employs 110 employees and has an annual turnover of 15 million euros. The company is now run by Lello, Mario and Giorgia. Initially, Barba sold his shirts only to a select clientele, a small Neapolitan elite. 

Soon the mastery of the cut, the accuracy of the details and his excellent selection of fabrics, found an echo throughout Italy and throughout Europe. The passion, the research, the great experience in the world of fabrics and modelling, have developed and transmitted a profound culture of the shirt, thus bringing the BARBA brand to be known and appreciated all over the world.

  1. Diesel Men’s Jeans

Diesel Designer Jeans

Last, and definitely not least, is Diesel. 

Almost everyone reading this article will know the company, and their black skinny jeans are a staple around the world. 

Diesel offers all styles of jeans, but where is Diesel from? It’s actually a company that is based in Italy, but their clothes are not made in Italy like the other companies on our list. Shop our full list of Diesel jeans here.

If you want to choose a new pair of Italian designer sneakers to go with your new jeans, check out our article here