When it comes to looking older, there are a few different things that you can do. You can either go for natural methods, or you can use luxury brands to help you out. In this blog post, we are going to focus on the best ways to make yourself look more sophisticated and older using classic menswear items. We'll also take a look at some of the top Italian brands that help men to achieve an older, suaver appearance.

How to appear older as a man

So, you're someone who looks young and you have need to look a little bit older. We're going to summarise the steps at the top of article, because we know how annoying it is to scroll through 2 pages just to get the information you're looking for.

  • Looking older as a man is all about wearing sophisticated clothing. Forget t-shirts, jeans, etc. Classic Menswear will leave you looking and feeling suaver and more sophisticated
  • Make sure you stick to the rules of Classic Menswear, as breaking any rule will make people who are into this niche look down on you.
  • There are 5 colors of suits that you should buy - stick to these colors and you can never go wrong

Using Classic Menswear to appear older

This is achieved very easily. If you want a complete guide to Classic Menswear, don't forget to check out our article here.

But, in essence, you just need a good suit, a white dress shirt, a good pair of Italian Luxury dress shoes, a patterned silk pocket square, a tie, and maybe a waistcoat.

This is the basic Classic Menswear look. If you're just starting out, or just need to appear older for this occasion - then get a navy blue suit, a white dress shirt, and that is basically all you need.

You actually don't necessarily need a tie, you can go for the tieless look, which has been gaining momentum in recent years in the classic menswear niche, and is actually more popular in business professional style than wearing a tie.

If you have a babyface, then definitely don a pair of larger sunglasses. This will help hide your face a bit; you can also wear a scarf around your neck and cover your chin a little bit also.

This may seem extreme, but if you're trying to appear older for a good reason, then this will definitely help you out.

These rules were not made to be broken

As tempting as it is, breaking classic menswear rules is absolutely not a good idea. This is because it will immediately make you seem immature to people.

An example of breaking a classic menswear rule would be to wear patterns that do not match. For example lined trousers with a houndstooth jacket. This doesn't make much sense, and will have the opposite effect to what you're searching for.

Here are the rest of the classic menswear rules which you should try your best to not break:

  • Match your shoes and belt
  • Don't mix patterns
  • Dress to the specifications required
  • Don't wear shorts with a blazer or jacket
  • Match your color palette to the season
  • Don't wear a vest on its own

These are just some of the fundamentals, there are many more examples of rules that you should try your best to stick to.

Creating a classic menswear wardrobe in 5 minutes

All credit to Steve Harvey for this idea.
Kiton Burgundy Vicuna Smoking Jacket Italian Luxury

If you want to create a classic menswear wardrobe incredibly quickly, it's super simple, just buy the following:

  • 5 Suits (Black/Navy/Charcoal/Tan/Burgundy)
  • 5 Dress Shirts (2 White, 2 Celistina, 1 Black)
  • 2 Dress Shoes (Black/Brown)

If this is all you wear for the rest of your life, you will have a different outfit 80 days of the year.

Just add a few more suits, a few more shirts, maybe add some ties, pocket squares, and other accessories, and you are fully capable of wearing a different outfit every year with just these clothes.

This will allow you to make an instant good impression on everyone you meet, and the best part is that if you take any combination of jackets and dress pants from the suits, they will each go with each other.

That is the beauty of this set-up - and will easily allow you to seem more mature and more sophisticated to everyone you meet.

The Best brands to make you more sophisticated and look older

1. Kired

The absolute best brand to achieve this with is Kired.

kired navy suit for men

Kired is an offshoot of Kiton, and they recently collaborated with IsuiT to make "the modern suit."

This suit is designed for seeming more mature, looking older and more sophisticated, and helping you achieve business formal, business casual, and be able to play golf, all in the same suit.

kired black suit for men

With a bit more space in the cut, and elasticated dress pants to allow a bit more freedom of movement (and to allow your belly to be comfortable after a long dinner) - these suits are beyond ideal for any businessman.

Sound good? Check out our collection of Kired for IsuiT today.

2. Kiton

If you've got a real passion for classic menswear, there really is no alternative to Kiton.

With a higher price tag than most other brands in the world, the quality is just not to be matched.

I have visited the Kiton factory, and I can tell you now that it is full to the brim of tailors, who use scissors to make every single cut of the suit.

This wonderful brand is based in Arzano, near Napoli - and they are the connoisseurs of the Neapolitan suit.

An interesting thing I learnt about Kiton was that they use the same techniques that Henry Ford used, but for a different reason.

Henry Ford started to use the assembly line, and Kiton does a similar thing, but for a completely different reason - it is not for speed, but for quality.

Interestingly - they allow each tailor to become an expert in one part of the suit - and therefore there is probably nobody better in the world than that specific person making that specific cut and that specific time.

3. Cesare Attolini

No list of Italian Suitmakers would be complete without Cesare Attolini.

Cesare Attolini Vicuna Gray Overcoat

Another global powerhouse in the high fashion industry, Cesare Attolini makes some of the most superb suits in the world.

Each one handcrafted using artisan techniques first re-championed by the founder, Vincenzo Attolini - The Neapolitan suit finds another home at Cesare Attolini.

Cesare Attolini White Dress shirt

They also have a very wonderful selection of handcrafted Italian dress shirts, which simply cannot be missed by lovers of Classic Menswear.