Velvet: a fabric that evokes contrasting reactions. There’s who loves it for its taste of distant times and royalty and for its oriental roots and, on the other side, who fears it because it’s very easy to wear it wrongly.

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The origins of velvet lead to Italy, in the fourteenth century, with the processing of hairy fabrics. Then it’s back in vogue thanks to the rediscovery of comfortable elegance. Whether it is smooth or striped, blue or brown, velvet charms everyone. 


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But it takes very little to make a mistake so here some tips:

  • it’s wintry, of course, but never wear it on a rainy day
  • don’t be scared to choose atypical colors
  • watch out with the matching
  • try it even with more casual outfits (but, with a suit, avoid white sneakers
  • you can wear it on the accessories (loafer or papillon for example)
  • don’t go oversize

Try with these styles:

kiton blazer tuxedo cesare-attolini-tuxedocesare-attolini-tuxedo    tom-ford-shoes  tom-ford-bowtie