The alarm for the spread of coronavirus has made its way not only in the world and in the Italian  economy but also in the world of luxury and fashion.


The first alarm for an impact on the fashion world was during the last fashion week. Newspapers and blogs headlines were the same “Coronavirus also invests Milan Fashion Week "... and so it was. The world of fashion and luxury received a strong negative impact on sales and brands will have to deal with not just a stop of the Made in Italy production in the northern region, but in the southern as well. The southern region contains even more leather goods and jewelry manufacturers.


Shops forced to close have created an even more negative situation for this year's fashion economy and the closure of all non-essential offices for some weeks will also result in an arrest for online sales.


But what the future of Italian luxury will be?


One of the first responses that is about to explode in China after the news of a large decrease in infections, is a phenomenon called “revenge spending”. Consumers are ready to enter the world of luxury and shopping again.

It is still too early to make predictions about a possible “shopping revenge” in Italy but when all this will end we are sure that there will be even more fun in shopping.