Kiton: between jeans and craftsmanship

Kiton Denim jeans and its various forms have evolved over the years thanks to the great success of this garment for its practicality, but over time also for its strong impact on fashion trends. Since 1800, jeans have been a key element of the workers' outfit for their practicality and the detail of the “5 pockets” that make them comfortable for carrying their personal items. So, they have become part of the daily life of both men's and women's clothing and many brands offer various versions with different colors and models.

The Kiton brand is one of them.

Kiton is synonymous of Neapolitan haute couture. His motto "the best of the best plus one" is synonymous with safety and attention to every detail for all their production. Kiton takes care of every step in the production of its garments following the rules of the Neapolitan traditions.

An example of exquisite Italian craftsmanship, Kiton jeans are the right choice for luxury denim. Produced with the best fabrics that make them long-lasting and with a linear and clean-cut, Kiton jeans always present interesting details to give a classic garment a different twist such as colored buttons, decorated pockets, and bright colors. The craftsmanship that distinguishes all Kiton products is clearly visible even in a “simple” garment as jeans.

Their practicality makes them wearable on any occasion and combined with any style and outfit. Kiton jeans are perfect for a men who do not give up a pair of jeans for free time without neglecting the style and luxury of Kiton products.

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