It's hard to resist the charm of a double-breasted suit. On the other hand, who doesn't love it?

In an era in which men's fashion relies on individual flair and comfort, the slightly luxurious energy of a double-breasted jacket makes this type of clothing an important choice.

You should choose it if you want to wear an extremely elegant garment without attracting too much attention. The protagonist, today, of innovative looks that reinterpret a great classic of menswear, the double-breasted jacket is particularly indicated for long-limbed or not very abundant figures, but it can be worn with style even by the oversize men that can take advantage, with the help of a tailor, of its slimming effect.

doublebreasted Attolini

The double-breasted has a type of buttoning that involves the overlapping of the left side on the right one with a row of buttons on both sides. It has a double row of buttons, one of which is only decorative, while the other one can have several buttons with its own buttonhole to be tied.

There are two models of this type of suit: The Duke of Kent4x2 which has four buttons, two of which (or better yet, one) buttoned and the more classic 6x2 double-breasted also known as Martini Glass because its buttons imitate the design of the cocktail glass. It is, in fact, a blazer with two rows of three buttons, of which only two are closed.

attolini jacket

Absolute protagonist of men's fashion in the ‘20s and ‘30s, this garment owes its charm to the fact that, despite being very sophisticated, it is also available in casual versions. It's all about choosing the model that best suits your body and the occasion in which to show it off.

Those who are always very hesitant in wearing a suit because they love too much sweatpants, should know that there are those who are creating a non-structured and no-frills double-breasted suit that would make anyone feel comfortable.

attolini double-breasted

Tie and bow tie are the most suitable accessories to wear with a double-breasted suit that is also well suited for daytime elegance, better if with four buttons. The double-breasted blazer lends itself in fact to a less formal look: choose a pair of pants with a dry and regular cut and a refined sock for a casual chic look or jeans with a moccasin or a sailing shoe for a more relaxed look.

The only wrong move, indeed, is not to have a double-breasted jacket because each of us deserves, at least once, to be well dressed.

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