A great T-shirt is a basic necessity for any man's wardrobe. You might not die without them, but your wardrobe sure would. Great tees are the backbone of virtually every great fit, whether you're rocking one solo with jeans, layering up with a flannel and cords, going for the suit and t-shirt look, or just going to the gym, we've got you covered.

There are such a huge amount of t-shirt companies and brands out there today - But thankfully for us, IsuiT's designers have come together to choose the 6 best high-quality T-shirt brands in the world.

As usual, we're focusing on Italian t-shirt brands.

The brands we're going to look at are:


Kired is an experimental offshoot of Kiton. They use materials that a traditional company like Kiton wouldn't normally use - and the effects are beyond belief.

These ultra-thin t-shirts are both sturdy and exceptionally breathable. Made from Crepe Cotton - They are a perfect accompaniment to any summer wardrobe.

Kired T-shirts Crepe Cotton Italian handmade

  1. Kired T-shirt
  2. KIRED Gray Cotton T-shirt
    €100.00 €125.00 20% OFF
  3. KIRED Green Cotton T-shirt
    €100.00 €125.00 20% OFF
  4. KIRED Beige Cotton T-Shirt
  5. KIRED Blue Cotton T-Shirt
  6. KIRED Green Cotton T-Shirt


In more recent years, this giant of a company has started to create more and more modern wear. This doesn't mean that they're moving away from their Sartorial classic menswear history - it just means that slowly but surely they are adapting to the modern world.

With adaptation often comes something special, and Kiton has a fantastic range of mainly cotton, short-sleeve t-shirts, but as you can see they also have some wonderful long-sleeve t-shirts which are perfect for a cocktail party as a more casual formal look.

Kiton High Quality Handmade Italian T-Shirts

  1. Kiton T-shirt
    €264.00 €330.00 20% OFF
  2. Kiton T-shirt
    €264.00 €330.00 20% OFF
  3. KITON Purple Cotton T-shirt
    €292.50 €650.00 55% OFF
  4. KITON Red Cotton T-Shirt
    €258.00 €430.00 40% OFF
  5. KITON Green Cotton Cashmere T-shirt
    €290.00 €580.00 50% OFF
  6. KITON Orange Cotton T-Shirt
    €292.50 €650.00 55% OFF

KNT Kiton

KNT has a range of T-shirts which are perfect to look more sophisticated as a man, while also retaining your youth. They are graphic T-shirts, with modern style and modern fabrics. KNT itself stands for "Kiton New Textures" and their experimenting has led to some amazing results.

KNT High Quality Handmade Italian T-shirts

  1. KNT Kiton t-shirt
  2. KNT Kiton t-shirt
  3. KNT Kiton t-shirt
  4. KNT Kiton T-shirt
  5. Knt Kiton T-shirt
  6. KNT KITON Black Cotton T-Shirt

Cesare Attolini

Another classic Italian sartorial company - Cesare Attolini has a range of plain white t's, which also come in other colors. These simple colors and designs lead to a modern look. Using the best quality cotton possible they have produced some very high-quality t-shirts which are youthful and stylish. Perfect for a summer wardrobe for any man.

Cesare Attolini High Quality handmade t-shirts

  1. Cesare Attolini t-shirt
    €110.00 €149.00 26% OFF
  2. Cesare Attolini t-shirt
    €210.00 €300.00 30% OFF
  3. CESARE ATTOLINI Blue White Cotton T-shirt
    €161.00 €230.00 30% OFF
  4. CESARE ATTOLINI Beige White Cotton T-shirt
    €161.00 €230.00 30% OFF


Diesel is a more contemporary and youthful company, as such their t-shirts are also much more youthful. They use different materials than other companies on this list - but they always use the best quality they can find. These t-shirts are perfect for any man who wants to show off his youth and style.

Diesel Designer Italian T-shirts

  1. Diesel t-shirt T-DIEGO-LOGO
    €40.00 €50.00 20% OFF
  2. Diesel t-shirt T-DIEGO-S7
    €40.00 €50.00 20% OFF
  3. Diesel t-shirt T-DIEGO-LOGO
    €40.00 €50.00 20% OFF
  4. Diesel t-shirt T-DIEGO-LOGO
    €40.00 €50.00 20% OFF
  5. Diesel t-shirt T-DIEGO-CUTY
    €40.00 €50.00 20% OFF
  6. Diesel t-shirt T-DIEGO-LOGO
    €40.00 €50.00 20% OFF


Paul&Shark is a company which is known for its nautical style. As such, their t-shirts also have a nautical feel to them. They are more casual than the other brands on this list, but they are still made from high-quality materials. Perfect for a summer day by the sea or pool.

Paul&Shark High Quality Designer T-shirts from Italy

  1. paul&shark t-shirt
    €63.00 €126.00 50% OFF
  2. paul&shark t-shirt
    €57.00 €114.00 50% OFF
  3. paul&shark t-shirt
    €52.00 €104.00 50% OFF


There are so many wonderful Italian T-shirt brands out there - it was hard to narrow it down to just six. But we feel confident that these are the best of the best. Whether you're looking for a casual, summery feel or something a little more formal - one of these brands will have the perfect T-shirt for you.