The uniqueness of Kiton’s Shirt

Only by being shaped to the body is it out its best”.

This is what Kiton, the leading company in the men's haute couture sector, says when they talk about their shirts.

They made it one of their key garments, creating unique models in their production. The creation of this special product includes 22 steps, which only 3 of these are made with sewing machines, all the rest is hand-sewn thanks to the skill of their tailors (Click here)

The geometrically perfect construction, the architecture of the shirt studied in detail and all the steps guarantee resistance and comfort to the wearer of this great tailoring garment.

Every detail is studied and elaborated, such as the cut of the fabric that allows a perfect match between the various parts that make up this garment.

Other details that certainly make this garment unique are the buttons: the material comes from the softest part of the Pinctada Maxima (it’s the most important nacre of the world) cultivated mainly in the seas of Australia.

The oysters are sea formed exclusively for Kiton, which makes them much more durable than those reared in tanks. They are not chemically bleached and for this reason they maintain their natural hues.

The fabric, the components, the shape of the collar, the fineness of the sewing, the buttons: a mix that contributes to make this shirt the highest quality available in fashion menswear.

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