The new season office outfit requires jersey, cotton or wool blend blazers, which combine care with cutting and practicality.
The Fall 2019 blazer could be different from the usual ones both for colors and pattern. So, here our advice to be at your desk comfortable but elegant.


Slim Fit Blazer has not disappeared both as part of a suit or as single item, maybe matched with darker pants.

attolini blazer

The wool model has a soft and shaped cut with long sleeves. Definitely more relaxed than a slim fit jacket, perfect for winter 2019-2020 too.

Another good choice is the herringbone shape turned to dark gray for a classic regular fit blazer. As part of a suit it's the sober and safe choice, to get back to the office and to have smart and casual outfit without smudging throughout the fall. With shirt and tie it is immediately elegant, while with a sweater or cardigan it can create more interesting looks.

For those who want to dare but not too much, autumn 2019 offers interesting but not exaggerated colors, such as burgundy red. Ideal for a blazer or a formal dress, it should be combined with blue or white shirts and dark lace-ups, so as not to create a clash of colors.


The blazer is the most comfortable and destructured jacket, therefore it seems a contradiction to suggest double-breasted. But Borrelli manages, for the fall of 2019, to create a double-breasted jacket with lighter lines, using a pure beige virgin wool in a simplified tailoring structure.

An even more disengaged blazer, namely sports, is that of Kiton in cashmere. A gray jacket, single-breasted with three buttons, warm and comfortable, with a regular fit and a destructured cut especially on the shoulders and sides. The ideal choice for a casual look, even in the office.

Let us know which one will be your 2019 fall style!