The word "sartorial" is derived from the Latin term "sartor", which means tailor. What does sartorial mean? It has been used by many menswear enthusiasts to describe a lifestyle relating to a love of classic, timeless garments made with the highest level of craftsmanship. What is sartorial style? Examples of Sartorial tailors are Kiton and Cesare Attolini.

Sartorial is almost synonymous with handmade or hand-tailored - although this term is usually exclusively used with Italian tailors.

A handmade suit from England, for example, will not always be described as Sartorial.

Barba Napoli handmade suit

Can a person be sartorial?

You cannot describe a person as sartorial - the closest thing is Sartorialist.

A sartorialist is a person who carefully manages their own clothing and keeps track of fashion trends. A sartorialist, in essence, is someone who practices sartorialism and can range from self-proclaimed novice to fashion celebrity. The important thing is that they wear handmade, tailored suits.

In Italy, a person can be described as a "Sarto" which means tailor.

What are some examples of Sartorial companies

Luigi Borelli Sartorial Blazer suit jacket

There are still many Sartorial companies in Italy

A few examples include:

What is the difference between Bespoke and Sartorial?

It is important to note the difference between sartorial and bespoke. What is the difference between Bespoke and Sartorial? A bespoke suit will be made to fit your exact measurements, while sartorial suits are made with the idea that they could be altered for a perfect fit after purchase.

If you go to a tailor to have your measurements taken, your suit is bespoke. This will cost you even more than a sartorial suit. Sartorial is synonymous with handmade - but not all handmade suits are Sartorial.

Want help choosing a sartorial style dress shirt? Check out our guide here

What is sartorial proclivity

It simply means that the person you are describing is an aficionado of the Sartorial fashion style.

Basically, someone with a proclivity for Sartorial is an enthusiastic supporter of the Sartorial mono classic style. IsuiT could be described as the home of Sartorial Proclivity.

How much does Sartorial or handmade Italian clothing cost?

Cesare attolini vicuna overcoat on sale at isuit

The cheaper end of the Sartorial suit style is Luigi Borelli - whose suits cost around $450.

The more expensive high-end fabric suits such as Vicuna by Kiton or Cesare Attolini can cost upwards of $25,000.

The price of a handmade suit depends on the fabric and the fashion house you're buying from. All of our handmade suits are available for purchase in America with quick shipping.

Is a handmade suit worth it?

zilli suit handmade blue

The sartorial style is a traditional artisan classic. It really depends what you mean by "is it worth it" - This question only you can answer.

If you can afford a handmade sartorial suit it's definitely worth it - because it will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

The quality of a Kiton suit is significantly higher than something which is made by a different company. If you want to really blow someone away either professionally or privately - there is no better way to do it than while wearing a true Sartorial handmade suit.

Where can I buy a handmade suit for business?

Isaia handmade cashmere suit gray

Wearing a Sartorial suit for business gives you an advantage - as well as something to talk about.

It's difficult to know where to buy one of these suits and it can also be extremely difficult to make sure that you're getting the right size. These suits use a drop system, and we recommend that you buy a cheap suit firstly to measure your drop. Once you know your drop - IsuiT has one of the largest ranges of handmade suits at the best prices in the world.

What do you call a handmade suit jacket?

sartoria partenopea blazer handmade in italy

If you already have trousers you like - you do not want to buy a suit. Instead you should look for a "blazer" as they are cheaper (because it doesn't come with trousers). The jacket of a handmade suit is called a blazer, and it's not worth buying a full suit if you don't need the trousers.

What is the difference between a handmade suit and a store bought suit

Kiton Wool 14 Micron Suit

The main difference is the quality. You can see with every handmade suit the love and care which has been put into each one. A store bought suit has not been created with the same level of technical skill, and the long history of Sartorial artisan tailoring gives a finished product that cannot be compared to a store bought suit.

When I first started here at IsuiT I couldn't understand the difference - but the difference can be seen just by looking at the suits. Store bought machine created suits look far more generic - and although they can look good, they will never look as good as a handmade one.

Which brand makes the best handmade suits?

In terms of Italian Sartorial Handmade suits - At IsuiT we absolutely LOVE Kiton. For the last few years they have been making custom and handmade suits for some of the world's most famous people. From Berlusconi to Bruno Mars.

Kiton is from Naples, Italy (well actually it's from a smaller industrial suburb of Naples) and they are at the heart of the Sartorial culture.

Other brands which compete with Kiton but don't quite have the same reputation are brands such as Cesare Attolini, Brioni (from Rome), and Luigi Borelli.

All of these brands make beautiful handmade suits

Which country makes the best suits in the world?

This is still up for debate and depends on who you ask and what you are looking for. What is interesting to note is that the Sartorial style developed out of British suits as a way of differentiating Italian tailors from British tailors.

To this day, there is still a raging debate between suit enthusiasts as to whether British suits or Italian suits are better. However, we are biased, and we say that Italian suits are better (but we would, wouldn't we?)

Can you have Sartorial Shoes?

Santoni dress shoes sartorial crocodile leather

As discussed in this article, in English Sartorial simply means tailored. You can, therefore, have hand-tailored shoes from companies such as Kiton. If you look for handmade shoes from Italy from any of the brands we sell, they would be Sartorial and would go incredibly well with your suit. Dress shoes especially. We stock Santoni, who are a famous Italian Sartorial Shoe maker.