What is Stealth Wealth and what are the best brands to hide your wealth?

Stealth Wealth is a term used to describe the accumulation of wealth without drawing attention to it. This can be done in a number of ways, such as keeping your financial affairs private, living below your means, and investing in assets that are not well known.

On the other hand, there is flaunting your wealth. This is far more common than stealth wealth and is used by many people as a status symbol. Although it's up to you how you spend your cash, and whether you tell people about it or not, stealth wealth is the more intelligent option.

This is because the fewer people know about your wealth, the less likely they are to treat you differently because of it.

With a lot of brands, such as Gucci, this is very difficult. Gucci plasters its logo all over its clothes - the goal is to achieve a certain status by saying "Look, I can afford this expensive brand."

However, with a more refined rich people's brand such as Kiton or Zilli - stealth wealth is much more achievable.

In fact, as you can see in the examples in this article, a brand like Kiton rarely plasters its logo or branding on their clothes - but instead allows you to hide your wealth.

Should I be embarrassed by my wealth?

The idea behind stealth wealth is not to shame people who have worked hard to be in the position they are in. On the contrary, it's a pre-emptive protection method against vultures.

If people don't know how wealthy you really are - they will treat you the same as they treat everyone else.

People often get lost in their own prejudices and bias.

This happens also when people meet someone who is famous, they treat them in a completely different way.

How to hide my wealth from friends and family

There are a few things you can do in order to keep your wealth under wraps. Here are some tips:

  • Don't talk about your finances with your friends or family members. This will only make them suspicious and it will be difficult to keep track of your money if everyone knows about it

  • Keep your assets private

  • Try to avoid getting financial advice from friends and family

  • Make sure you don't do anything which would draw unnecessary attention to your wealth, such as taking your private jet everywhere

  • Live below your means. Take the bus instead of a taxi - and be seen doing it! This will help "normalise" your wealth in the eyes of the people you come into contact with every day

  • If you are wealthy, try to learn something useful that can bring in an additional form of income. This is a great way to make money without looking like you have lots of it

  • Wear a brand that is not overly ostentatious - Such as Kiton - that doesn't plaster its logo everywhere

  • Have a backup car that you use to go with your family to events, get an affordable family car that is both perfect for your use and also not overly expensive

The best Stealth Wealth Italian brands

Here are some examples of stealth wealth clothing and brands, all Sartorial clothing made in Italy (or in some cases France).


Kiton is a great example of a Stealth Wealth brand. This is because most of their suits are completely unbranded. Although someone with an eye for Sartorial fashion may be able to spot that it is a high-fashion suit just by looking at it, generally Kiton is very exclusive, and they hide their clientele.

On the suit, there is no real giveaway that will allow people to say "that is a Kiton suit" - so this is a fantastic example.


Zilli is a brand that is exceptional - it is also not exclusively made in Italy. Often their sunglasses and other things are made in France or Bulgaria. Still handmade, still Sartorial, and still of the utmost quality.

Zilli Eyewear and Sunglasses are amongst the highest quality in the world - and again, unlike a brand like Gucci, it's difficult to tell that they cost upwards of $2000 for a pair, and are made of some of the highest quality materials in the world. Meaning you can wear sunglasses that will not break, will last a lot longer than other sunglasses, and look good without screaming "I'M A MILLIONAIRE."

Cesare Attolini

Cesare Attolini is a household name in the world of Sartorial fashion. Their quality is known around the world - and their logo is left out of their designs. This means we can enjoy something that is exceptionally high-quality, without flaunting our wealth constantly. Cesare Attolini makes suits and overcoats that cost over $20,000 - made from the elusive material Vicuna.

For example, this overcoat made from Vicuna Peru would cost $30,000 brand new:

But you would not be able to tell that unless you knew that it was made from Vicuna.

This is a perfect example of a stealth wealth piece of clothing, which will allow you to dress how you want, but without telling everyone you're rich.

The final piece is this Cesare Attolini suit, which costs $2000 and looks amazing, but doesn't loudly shout "I'm wealthy" every time someone looks at you.