Crocodile Skin Leather Clothing: The Most Expensive, Sought-after Leather in the World - Where to buy it

Crocodile leather is the most expensive leather in world. When embossed, it is surprisingly soft, and isn't hard as most people may expect. This guide will teach you where to buy genuine crocodile skin clothing

This post will explore why crocodile leather is so expensive and why you should invest in a pair of crocodile shoes today!

Sit back, grab a coffee, give this article a read, and browse some of the finest Crocodile skin leather pieces, including shoes, bags, hats, belts, and more. These pieces were created by Stefano Ricci, Zilli, Tom Ford, and Kiton.  Click the photos to browse the products, or just read and enjoy!

Why is crocodile leather so expensive and where can I buy genuine crocodile leather?

One of 23 crocodile species in the world is used to make crocodile leather. Crocodile leather is a distinctive sort of leather that makes up less than 1% of the worldwide leather industry as a whole.

When compared to other animals' hides, such as sheep or cattle, it is uncommon, and it needs a high degree of craftsmanship.

Crocodile leather, if handled incorrectly, can be destroyed.

Only master tailors can create the pieces you will see on this post.

Because of the small number of crocodiles, their tiny size, and the scarcity of dependable farms and tanning facilities to process and prepare the product for the market, crocodile leather is unique and costly.

This is what makes crocodile leather a sought-after luxury item by millions of people worldwide.

What crocodile leather clothing do Italian high luxury fashion houses sell?Stefano Ricci Orange genuine crocodile leather belt

At IsuiT we have a wonderful collection of crocodile leather goods. From the mighty Italian powerhouses such as Kiton and Zilli, we offer:

Which leather is the most expensive

Crocodile leather is the most expensive in the world. It's the most sought-after luxury leather used by Italian tailors. Other expensive leathers often used by these same tailors include:

  • Crocodile

  • Alligator (cheaper than crocodile)

  • Ostrich

  • Shark

  • Elephant

  • Hippopotamus

  • Snake

  • Full grain cow

  • Top grain cow

Are crocodiles hunted in the wild or farmed?

Generally, there are two types of crocodile leather operation. It's far less common to have wild-caught crocodiles.  In recent years, there has been a major increase in crocodile farms to breed and raise reptiles.

In fact, an estimated 800 million crocodiles are raised on crocodile farms every year around the world for their skins alone!

The move towards crocodile farming has not reduced the price, because they are still incredibly sought-after. In Louisana alone, crocodile and crocodile farming is a 70 million dollar industry.

How much is crocodile skin worth?

Genuine crocodile skin leather bag from Tom Ford

The way in which crocodile skin value, quality, and measurement, is decided, is dependent on three things:

  • The fashion house that created the final product

  • The width of the crocodile skin

  • The damage to the skin

25% of the value of the crocodile skin can be removed per level checked, and this is why crocodile leather which is perfect, which is what high fashion companies such as Kiton use, is so expensive.

The value of first-grade skin per cm is $9 in the U.S. For a 40 cm piece of skin, that would be $360. If there are imperfections in the skin, then it will cost less money. Crocodile farmers take precautions to keep their crocodiles in good condition by covering corners with plastic. Only the best of the best will be selected by the Italian Luxury Fashion Brands, and therefore the farmers have to attain to their standards.

How to tell the difference between genuine crocodile leather and printed crocodile leather

Printed "fake" crocodile printed leather jacket from Tom Ford

There is a huge difference in value, quality, and exclusivity between genuine crocodile leather and printed crocodile leather.

However, this beautiful piece from Tom Ford is "printed" crocodile leather - and is a perfect piece for those who love the design of Crocodile skin, but may not be able to justify spending $20,000 on a full genuine crocodile skin jacket. This allows you to have the design of crocodile leather for a bit of a better price.

Genuine crocodile leather has no runner up. It is in a league of its own, and we would love you to browse our collection on this article.

You can tell if crocodile skin is real by using a number of different steps:

  • Feel the leather - If it's softer than normal leather it's normally a good sign

  • Look between the scales, if there is soften skin between the scales and it's generally not perfectly formed, it is likely to be real

  • Buy from retailers that sell Kiton, Tom Ford, Zilli, and Stefano Ricci

  • Generally a fake or printed crocodile skin bag will be perfect all the way round - An authentic one will be imperfect across the bag, with different sizes of scales etc. This is the key difference and a great way to tell if a crocodile leather skin item is real or fake

How to care for crocodile leather

Crocodile skin is very strong and has a great ability to resist water.

However, do not expose it directly to high temperatures or excessively humid environments as they can cause the color of the scales change over time. For example: If your bag gets soaked - don't leave it in the sun to dry.

Do not use it as a bag for carrying heavy objects or putting wet things inside it - If you do, the scales will start breaking and flaking off over time.

Make sure to clean any stains with water immediately using a soft cloth before they have had a chance to settle in too much. Never rub crocodile skin too hard with a cloth or brush as it can damage the scales.

Crocodile leather gets more beautiful and shiny over time unlike most other leathers which dry out - It is also scratch-resistant, even though crocodile skin is not top of top quality (which would be kangaroo).

Is crocodile leather good?

Genuine blue crocodile leather boots and shoes from kiton

A beautiful example of crocodile leather cowboy boots or boots, Crocodile leather is fantastic and superior to cowhide, ostrich skin, or lizard.

It's also the perfect bag for those who like crocodiles but may not want a full-skin jacket (even though it would be stunning!). It has beautiful color combination of grey and black which makes it easy to match with different outfits.

Jackets can be done - but must be made by a specialist.

What is the difference between crocodile and alligator skin shoes, bags, and belts?

The scales on an alligator's skin are less granular and smoother than those on a crocodile's. The tile pattern in a crocodile is more symmetrical, with equal rectangular scales. Near the edge of each scale, you may notice a tiny hole that is the vestige of a hair follicle in alligators. Alligators don't have pores in their skin. Finally, crocodile skin is more expensive than Alligator skin leather.

How strong is crocodile skin

Crocodile skin is actually surprisingly soft to the touch, which as mentioned before is a good way to tell the difference between real and fake crocodile leather. Although it is often expected that the skin will be hard to the touch, it is not, and this is one of the reasons that this fabric is so popular for many high fashion brand lovers.

Where can I buy genuine crocodile leather online for a good price or on sale?

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