The elegance of tuxedo jacket combined with the quality of Made in Italy.

Give a touch of class to your style by choosing a fantastic tuxedo jackets on IsuiT - Italian Luxury from our luxury selection supplied by Kiton and Cesare Attolini.

The best of Made in Italy, with a wide choice of fine fabrics (calfskin, cashmere, linen, wool and much more), many different colors and patterns (solid, geometric, textured, plaids&checks).

Italian luxury men's tuxedo jackets in offer online in this section

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  1. Kiton Tuxedo
    €1,309.00 €6,300.00 79% OFF
  2. Cesare Attolini tuxedo jacket
    €669.00 €2,230.00 70% OFF
  3. Kiton tuxedo
    €706.00 €2,824.00 75% OFF
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