Kiton Blazers

Kiton Blazers for Sale: Discover our New Collection of the best Italian Luxury Blazers. You can find the best Kiton Blazers price on IsuiT - online store .

Give a touch of class and style to your look by choosing the fantastic Kiton blazers. On IsuiT - Italian Luxury there are many models of Kiton men's blazersentirely handmade and Made in Italy.

The Kiton blazers are created with precious materials such as cashmere, wool, silk, vicuna and they are available in many patterns and colors. Attention to detail and a unique style make Kiton blazers the right choice for every occasion.

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  1. KITON Light Blue Cashmere Blazer
    €1,705.00 €5,500.00 69% OFF
  2. KITON Multicolor Cashmere Blazer
    €1,705.00 €5,500.00 69% OFF
  3. KITON Light Blue White Cashmere Blazer
    €1,705.00 €5,500.00 69% OFF
  4. KITON Light Blue Cashmere Silk Linen Blazer
    €1,632.00 €5,100.00 68% OFF
  5. KITON Blue Cotton Blazer
    €1,452.00 €3,300.00 56% OFF
  6. KITON Blue Cotton Blazer
    €1,452.00 €3,300.00 56% OFF
  7. KITON Gray Cotton Blazer
    €1,221.00 €3,300.00 63% OFF
  8. KITON Gray Cotton Blazer
    €1,221.00 €3,300.00 63% OFF
  9. KITON Gray Cotton Blazer
    €1,221.00 €3,300.00 63% OFF
  10. KITON Gray Cotton Blazer
    €1,221.00 €3,300.00 63% OFF
  11. KITON Brown/Blue Cashmere Blazer
    €1,705.00 €5,500.00 69% OFF
  12. KITON Gray Cotton Blazer
    €1,221.00 €3,300.00 63% OFF
  13. KITON Blue White Cotton Blazer
    €1,221.00 €3,300.00 63% OFF
  14. KITON Blue Cashmere Silk Blazer
    €1,650.00 €5,500.00 70% OFF
  15. KITON Multicolor Cashmere Silk Linen Blazer
    €1,598.00 €4,700.00 66% OFF
  16. KITON Gray Cashmere Silk Blazer
    €1,610.00 €4,600.00 65% OFF
  17. KITON Gray Cotton Cashmere Blazer
    €1,400.00 €4,000.00 65% OFF
  18. KITON Gray Cashmere Linen Silk Blazer
    €1,632.00 €4,800.00 66% OFF
  19. KITON Gray Cashmere Virgin Wool Silk Linen Blazer
    €1,920.00 €4,800.00 60% OFF
  20. KITON Green Linen Cashmere Silk Blazer
    €1,600.00 €4,000.00 60% OFF
  21. KITON Multicolor Cashmere Nylon Silk Linen Blazer
    €1,665.00 €4,500.00 63% OFF
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Kiton men’s blazer

Kiton blazers are the key items in the Italian Luxury fashion system. They are completely handmade by their tailors with the most ancient technique to create the perfect geometry that can match with every type of body.

The best materials for Kiton blazers

To create unique blazers, Kiton uses exceptional fabrics with unreleased patterns made by the best graphics to make their best seller garment unique in every aspect. You can find cotton, wool, suede, leather, and cashmere blazers but also very prestigious ones like vicuna blazers, one of the most unique and soft wool in the world. Every detail isn’t left to chance!

Italian production and style for Kiton blazers

Completely Made in Italy, they represent the perfect match between an ancient style and a modern one. You can choose different models like a double-breasted and single one, two buttons or three. You can match it with a pair of jeans for a metropolitan look or with a pair of dress pant for a special occasion.

Are you looking for Kiton blazer sale?

Discover our special collection and choose your favorite blazer in our categories. Choose between the new collection and kiton blazer clearance, only on IsuiT you can find the best kiton blazer price!