Kiton Vest

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  1. KITON Gray Wool Vest
    €296.00 €740.00 60% OFF
  2. KITON Blue Brown Leather Suede Reverse Vest
    €396.00 €990.00 60% OFF
  3. KITON Blue Cashmere Double Breasted Vest
    €432.00 €1,080.00 60% OFF
  4. KITON Gray Wool Vest
    €296.00 €740.00 60% OFF
  5. KITON Brown Cashmere Linen Silk Vest
    €320.00 €800.00 60% OFF
  6. KITON Gray Cashmere Vest
    €320.00 €800.00 60% OFF
  7. KITON White Blue Linen Cotton Vest
    €312.00 €780.00 60% OFF
  8. KITON Multicolor Virgin Wool Cashmere Silk
    €288.00 €720.00 60% OFF
  9. KITON Multicolor Wool 14 Microns Silk Vest
    €348.00 €870.00 60% OFF
  10. KITON Gray Blue Silk Linen Fleece Wool Vest
    €199.60 €499.00 60% OFF
  11. KITON Multicolor Linen Cotton Vest
    €312.00 €780.00 60% OFF
  12. KITON Multicolor Virgin Wool Cashmere Silk Vest
    €268.00 €670.00 60% OFF
  13. KITON Brown Blue Wool Cashmere El Vest
    €296.00 €740.00 60% OFF
  14. KITON Blue Cashmere Silk Linen Vest
    €348.00 €870.00 60% OFF
  15. KITON Brown Orange Wool Vest
    €296.00 €740.00 60% OFF
  16. KITON Multicolor Silk Wool Linen Vest
    €272.00 €680.00 60% OFF
  17. KITON Blue White Cotton Vest
    €312.00 €780.00 60% OFF
  18. KITON Gray Blue Wool Vest
    €288.00 €720.00 60% OFF
  19. KITON Blue Red Wool 14 Micron Silk Vest
    €380.00 €950.00 60% OFF
  20. KITON Multicolor Wool 14 Micron Vest
    €308.00 €770.00 60% OFF
  21. KITON Blue Wool Vest
    €304.00 €760.00 60% OFF
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Kiton men’s vest

If you’re searching for a luxury vest, Kiton is the right choice. Quality and style are fundamental for every piece of the Kiton collection. Right now the vest is the fashion trend of the year so is the perfect time to buy it.

Materials and research for Kiton bags

To consider a luxury vest jacket you need to see what kind of materials the fashion brand use. In the Kiton house, you can find silk vests for men but also with wool and leather inserts. Quality means also a perfect fit for every shape so it seems that they are handmade only for you.

Italian vests: style and production

The Kiton vest Italian style in the fashion field is one of the most famous. Right now vests are one of the most desirable items. Match them with your favorite suit for a smart look or with a pair of jeans for your free days.

Kiton vests at the best price only on IsuiT

Check our website and discover our Italian best price vests selection and the Kiton one.