KNT Kiton Brand

KNT Kiton is the new urbanwear collection created by Kiton. The name stands for Kiton New Textures. 

Starting with obsessive research of new fabrics (KNT stands for Kiton New Textures), the collection incorporates the highly esteemed tailoring knowledge that Kiton is world renowned for, combined with modern cuts and nonchalant structures that are focused on the urban architecture and metropolitan culture.

The third generation of the Kiton family is taking Kiton from the boardroom to the street. The Italian tailoring house has introduced a new line of athleisure - athletic wear that’s designed for duty outside the gym – which has been infused its rich Italian tailoring, and christened it KNT.

That means jogging pants, knitwear, shirting, unstructured jackets, and sneakers in top-of-the-line 14 micron wool, combed Italian cashmeres and linen and sea island. “We use the same fabric as Kiton, but we use different looms”, says Walter De Matteis.

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