KNT Kiton Suits

Wear the right suit in professional and personal situations: on IsuiT - Italian Luxury you can find the suit tailored for you in our KNT Kiton men's suits collection.

The KNT Kiton suits for men collection, entirely handmade and Made in Italy, is the right choice for your look: fine fabrics (vicuna, wool, virgin wool, cashmere, cotton), attention to detail (2 or 3 button style, single or double vented, double breasted), wide choice of style with different patterns and colors.

Stand out from the crowd by wearing a KNT Kiton suit

Discover the new collection of Men's Kiton Suits

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  1. KNT Kiton suit Young
    €2,617.30 €3,739.00 30% OFF
  2. KNT Kiton suit Young
    €2,617.30 €3,739.00 30% OFF
  3. KNT Kiton blue-green suit
    €3,212.30 €4,589.00 30% OFF
  4. KNT Kiton white-grey suit
    €3,247.30 €4,639.00 30% OFF
  5. KNT Kiton Suit EASY
    €3,478.30 €4,969.00 30% OFF
  6. KNT Kiton suit
    €2,953.30 €4,219.00 30% OFF
  7. KNT Kiton suit
    €2,869.30 €4,099.00 30% OFF
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