Reviving the 1980s: A Guide to Classic Menswear

Key Takeaway Table

Aspect Detail
1980s Aesthetic Power suits, bright colors, bold patterns, leather jackets
Designer Impact Sartorio Napoli, Barba Napoli, Cesare Attolini
Influence Today Vintage-inspired pieces for a modern look
Styling Tips Mix vintage with modern, tailor to modernize cuts
Selecting Pieces Focus on adaptable, classic 1980s-inspired items

We at are excited to delve into a time when menswear was characterized by its flamboyance and confidence – the 1980s. This guide will enlighten you on how to infuse your wardrobe with quintessential pieces from that decade, brought to you by iconic designers like Sartorio Napoli, Barba Napoli, and Cesare Attolini.


The 1980s were a time of bold statements in menswear. Designers reinvented the classic suit, gave us a riot of patterns, and instilled a sense of power through clothing. Today, that distinctive 1980s aesthetic still influences modern menswear, bringing with it a blend of nostalgia and time-tested style.

The Foundation of 1980s Menswear: Designer Contributions

  • Sartorio Napoli: The Timeless Appeal of Double-Breasted Suits
    • A fine example of Sartorio's craft reflects the dominance of the double-breasted suit from the 1980s—sharp, powerful, and always in vogue.
      • Sartorio Napoli Double-Breasted Suit
  • Barba Napoli: The Bold Patterns of 1980s Silk Shirts
    • The creativity of the 1980s breathed life into silk shirts. Barba's collection resonates with this period through vibrant and intricate patterns.
      • Barba Napoli Silk Shirt
  • Cesare Attolini: Bringing Back the Pleated Trousers
    • Once a staple of the 1980s wardrobe, Attolini honors the past with elegantly tailored pleated trousers, updated for the contemporary gentleman.

Key Elements of the 1980s Aesthetic in Menswear

Part of embracing the 1980s look is understanding its key elements:

  • Power suits symbolized the ultimate silhouette of the era.
  • Bright colors and bold patterns reflected the spirit of '80s exuberance.
  • The leather jacket became an emblem of pop culture, echoing the rebellious attitude of musicians and actors.

How to Incorporate 1980s Style into Contemporary Menswear

Blending 1980s style into your wardrobe isn't just about vintage—it's also about adaptation and balance. Mixing vintage pieces with current essentials gives a fresh twist to your look. For those seeking to modernize the 1980s cuts, clever tailoring tips can ensure old-school designs meet the silhouette of today.


Fashion is cyclical, and the 1980s trends make a persuasive case. For those enthused by the era, it's vital to choose adaptable vintage-inspired pieces that transpose well into today's fashion narrative.

By drawing inspiration from these classic 1980s elements and incorporating modern design interpretations, you can weave a bit of retro charm into a contemporary wardrobe. At, we encourage you to explore these timeless designs, influenced by an era when menswear was not just worn but boldly and unapologetically lived.