How to choose a suit for a summer wedding - What to wear as a guest/groom

Whether you’re a wedding guest or the groom, we’ve created this article to help you make a decision on the best suit for a man for a summer wedding.

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Check out our full article on this modern suit here

We’ve summarised the tips for picking a suit wedding here:

  • The fabric you choose is vital. We recommend certain types of thin woolen suits, linen or cotton.

  • The colors you choose are also important. Cream, tan, or beige work very well. Light blues and grays can also suit a summer wedding. Navy is also a great choice for a summer wedding suit.

  • The lining of the suit can also be important. This is because half-lining suits allow more airflow to the back, and can keep you much cooler than a full-lining suit.

  • You also want to choose a suit that won’t wrinkle, and is high quality, and will last a long time. Buy a good suit once, and you can wear it to every wedding you go to!

Based on this, our lead stylist (Claudia Merenda from IsuiT - Italian Luxury) has chosen the KITON SUIT EVO Virgin Wool Blue suit as the best suit for spring summer weddings in 2021:

Kiton Evo suit virgin wool blue

Kiton suits are a great choice for any wedding goer. 

Which fabric is best for a spring or a summer wedding?

Barba Napoli Blazer 100% Virgin wool

They are made for the summer. Italians know what it’s like to be under the sweltering sun, and therefore they ensure the best possible cooling of the body during a hot wedding.

Barba Napoli brown blazer double breasted

Imagine spending all of the day in a Harris Tweed suit, even in England where the weather is a bit cooler, this will still be way too hot.

Here's a great example of a Barba Napoli 100% Virgin Wool suit. It's a double-breasted piece, which will leave everyone else at the wedding wondering who that stylish person over there is. Luigi Borrelli also has some great items.

These are the fabrics our stylists have chosen for the best suit material to buy for a spring or summer wedding in 2021:

  • Virgin wool

  • 110-160's Wool

  • Cotton

  • Linen

What type of wool is good for a spring or summer wedding - Is Virgin Wool good for a summer wedding?

Virgin wool is better because it’s much lighter and thinner. The end product is also very high quality. These types of wool have a similar airflow to them as linen and cotton, but they’re also considered to be much better quality by Italian tailors.

We’re not going to question the best Italian tailors, are you?

Which colors are best for a spring-summer wedding suit? 

Kiton light blue blazer perfect for a wedding Kiton light blue dress pants for a wedding Light blue leather suede wedding shoes

Here is a great example of a light blue blazer, dress pants, and shoes combination. These Light Blue items together make a perfect example of a wedding outfit that has class, and will not jar unnecessarily. Make at least the shades match is a great way to combine outfits. For example matching your belt and dress shoes is a great way to show your class.

Black suits are great for summer receptions, although can sometimes draw too much light and overheat you. Navy Blue suits make a fantastic option for those who don’t enjoy wearing lighter colors. Tan/Beige/Gray/Light Blue are the best lighter suit colors.

Another example of an amazing color choice is burgundy. Check out this example of a burgundy wedding suit that is both tasteful and also not too hot:

Burgundy wedding suit

Here's a perfect example of some colors you could think about wearing for a summer wedding. Here we've selected some yellow pieces from Kiton, for those wanting to make a cultured statement:

Kiton Yellow Cotton blazer yellow suede leather shoes  

For this section, we’ve rounded up a group of experts on the subject. This list should help you choose the best suit for the wedding season in spring-summer 2021.

We asked them 5 questions:

  • What color is the best to wear to a wedding as a man?

  • What are the absolute no-goers, the ones to avoid at all costs (if there are any)

  • Is any suit color acceptable? 

  • Should you match your SO (significant other), and if so with which parts of your suit?

  • Any pitfalls/traps you'd like to mention?


First up is Reg Ferguson - Best summer suit for Groom (AKA New York Fashion Geek)

 Navy blue checked wedding suit

#1: I wouldn’t say there is a “Best” color but the safest color is black. Black goes with everything.

#2: There aren’t any absolute no gos per se but the key is to choose a color that complements your facial complexion. That is extremely important.

#3: Any suit color is acceptable but there certainly is a difference between being bold and garish. You want to be memorable in a good way and not a bad one. 

#4: Your overall suit should complement your significant other but it certainly should not be the same color or pattern. Both partners should stand out yet be harmonious like the union they are entering.

#5: Make sure the color of the frames match and complement your skin color and don’t fade away. Don’t wear a color that absolutely clashes with the color of your outfit. Contrast is one thing, clashing is another.


Next up we have Patrick Kenger (from Pivot Image)

Navy blue wedding suit 

#1: I wouldn't say there is a "best" color. Things come in and out of season/style so it's good to pay attention. For summer weddings, cream/tan colors work well. If you have no clue, or want a suit you can get a lot of wear out of, stick with a navy suit. Try not to go too dark unless the wedding calls for it. Black can look a bit heavy and dark for a happy summer wedding occasion. 

#2: Anything overly loud - you want to avoid upstaging the couple getting married. This isn't your day, so try to stick to mainly neutral tones and simple patterns, if any.  

#3: See above. 

#4: It's a bit tacky to do so. You should both dress the way you want to while not upstaging the couple. At most, match with a pocket square but try to avoid matching with a tie, or your full suit.  

#5: Heavier fabrics. Summer weddings are a great time to wear linen and linen blends. Look for a suit that has minimal padding and is half-lined or unlined. 

Now let's here from Robert Van Tongeren (from Restart Your Style)

"If you're attending the wedding as a guest, your options depend on the occasion and the dress code that the bride and groom have set. Dress codes even in summer can range from black tie to casual. A city wedding will usually require a different outfit than a beach wedding. However, even beach wedding may require formal clothing. Don't make assumptions. If the invite doesn't give directions, call the couple and check with them before selecting your wedding attire.

Even if the dress code is casual, try to dress up a bit. Leave the T-shirt and shorts in the closet, and go for a linen shirt with dress pants. If you want to play it safe, bring a separate jacket that you can throw on if you arrive and feel under-dressed.If you don't need it, you can leave it in the trunk of your car, or hang it at the reception desk.

For materials, your best options are breathable fabrics, such as linen, seersucker, and chambray. Just don't use the same materials for your entire outfit. For example, if you wear a seersucker suit, pair it with a linen or chambray shirt. This will create an appealing contrast.

For black tie and black tie optional weddings, you won't have much choice. You will have to don a black tuxedo or suit respectively. For semi-formal or smart-casual weddings, you have more choice when it comes to colors. I recommend a lighter hue, such as tan, khaki, light-blue or grey.

If you're the groom at a beach wedding, avoid the tan suit. Chances are, many of your guests will arrive in the same outfit. Plus, you'll blend in too much in the surrounding. A light blue suit instead will create a nice contrast against the sandy beach"


Finally, we have May Flanagan with her absolute favorite color of a summer wedding (from 80's Fashion World)


“As for summer wedding shades/colors for men, one of my picks is the color 'Illuminating'. This is one of Pantone's colors of the year (alongside Ultimate Gray). Yes, gray is good - and it's a timeless classic, but yellow is a true summer staple!

While it'll be dashing to see a guy wear an all-yellow (my bad, 'Illuminating') shade - some might find it shocking so I suggest starting with one item first. It may be a blazer or a pair of pants - even a bow or tie if the color proves too much for the wearer.

And in true Pantone fashion, I think an 'Illuminating' blazer will go well with an 'Ultimate Gray' trouser (or vice-versa).

With this sunny color, any yacht/beach wedding is sure to stand out.”

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